Coingarden review

Coingarden review

On our website you can read a lot about different brokers and exchanges where you can buy cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Brokers are there to make cryptocurrency as accessible as possible to a wide audience, but some technical knowledge is always required. If you do not have this knowledge or do not fully understand it, buying cryptocurrency may be a bit of a deterrent. Fortunately there is Coingarden. On this website you can easily buy cryptocurrency, as you are used to in a webshop. In this Coingarden review we look at the platform, we investigate its reliability and we give a final judgment. On this page you also have the opportunity to leave your own experience via our rating system.

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Easily buy crypto without any technical knowledge

Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple easily via simple processes as you are used to from web shops.

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What is Coingarden?

Coingarden is a Dutch initiative that started in 2017. Where many brokers make cryptocurrency available to a wide audience, this Dutch company goes one step further. Without any knowledge of cryptocurrency, wallets and Bitcoin addresses, you can buy Bitcoin here in a safe and reliable way. The website has a nice layout where you notice that it is really aimed at people with limited experience. This works very well and ensures a fast process. When you order Bitcoin you already have it within 1 minute.

The platform is designed in such a way that it looks exactly like a webshop. After all, most people know how a webshop works, so that virtually no technical knowledge is required to make a purchase.

Coingarden: buy crypto without technical knowledge

How does Coingarden?

When you open Coingarden, you immediately see the three cryptocurrencies that the site offers. These are Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum. These are the largest cryptocurrency at the moment and therefore a good investment. You indicate under one of the cryptocurrency for how many euros you want to buy and you then simply pay with iDEAL.

That is the entire process of buying cryptocurrency at Coingarden. Your purchased cryptocurrency will be added to your account that you must create when purchasing. Cryptocurrency is of course not physical coins, so they must be stored digitally somewhere. Coingarden does this for you and you can follow everything in your own account. This way you can see live whether the value of your own Bitcoin rises or falls. In your account you can also resell the purchased cryptocurrency at any time of the day. Where we sometimes write a long story about the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency at other brokers, it is very simple at Coingarden. Really recommended.

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Trading fees and rates

All brokers and exchange platforms charge fees. These are costs that you pay to the company when you buy and sell cryptocurrency. It is like the transaction costs that allow the company to function. At Coingarden you do not pay these costs separately, but these costs are included in the purchase price. You pay about 2% fee to Coingarden for buying cryptocurrency. This fee is relatively high compared to other brokers, but you do get a lot of convenience in return. So if you want to purchase easily, without having to deal with wallets, exchanges and bitcoin addresses, this is the broker for you.

Is Coingarden reliable?

Coingarden has been around for just over a year and we hear a lot of positive stories. However, we understand that Coingarden may not be suitable for someone who already has a little more knowledge of cryptocurrency. For example, if you are looking for altcoins or the possibility to trade cryptocurrency, you are not at the right place at Coingarden. The simple process makes buying Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum available to absolutely everyone. If you have any questions, you can email Coingarden. Your purchased cryptocurrency is always stored in a secure environment and in cold storage wallets.

For the sake of completeness, we have requested additional information about this company from the Chamber of Commerce. This information is accessible to everyone, but is requested against payment. Coingarden is part of Coingarden B.V. and is registered on 04-11-2015 in the trade register. The company focuses on other financial intermediation. The address details on the website will be sent not matches the information in the trade register. The website indicates Europalaan 2, 3526 KS in Utrecht, while the extract states Vrolikstraat 60 4, 1091VH in Amsterdam. There is one more question about the reason for this.

Coingarden B.V. has two independent officers:

  • WT Vonk Holding B.V. (70821534), where WT Vonk is independently authorized
  • PH Poorthuis Holding B.V. (70817820), where PH Poorthuis is independently authorized

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Contact details:

Coingarden B.V.

Vrolikstraat 60 4

1091VH Amsterdam

Chamber of Commerce number:


[email protected]


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Product Range:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum (ETH)

Ripple (XRP)


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