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EthereumUSD $ 1,605.36EUR € 1,332.35GBP £ 1,168.68

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Follow the Ethereum exchange rate in euros and dollars

The current Ethereum price is shown in a graph above. As you can see, the chart shows the value of Ethereum from the past day (24 hours, because Ethereum trading never stops, even during the weekend) in Euro and Dollar.

Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a cryptocurrency and therefore a currency, but also a crypto platform. Coin trading continues all the time, including weekends. Stocks are different, taking a break during the weekend (like most companies they represent). Cryptocurrency consists of networks and platforms that exist on the internet and so they continue all the time, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

You can also choose to see what the price has performed over the last 7 days, 30 days, since the beginning of the year (this is shown with year to date) and since the start of the quotation (all, which stands for all -time). The course is made possible in part by our partner Bitvavo.

ETH exchange rate in euros and dollars

The information below gives you insight into the Ethereum performance of the past month and week. See the current market capitalization and the highest and lowest price of the past 24 hours.

Click EUR or USD to switch between Euro and Dollar.

Note: the price may differ a few euros from the ETH rate at the top of the page. This is because two different suppliers supply the data.

The History of Ethereum’s Price

Ethereum priceThe young Russian-born Vitalik Buterin started his internet career as a writer for Bitcoin Magazine (the international version). Vitalik, who when he immigrated to Canada at a young age, learned more and more about Bitcoin and blockchain by writing about it, saw opportunities to develop the next version of cryptocurrency. Vitalik wanted a version in which there would be less mining and a new blockchain would not have to be started over and over again.

Vitalik thought it would be easier to have everyone place their own application on one central blockchain. He thought about it for a long time and started the Ethereum platform in 2013, with also his own cryptocurrency, actually called Ether, but everyone just says Ethereum.

Ethereum could therefore also do everything that Bitcoin can, but improve its disadvantages. Vitalik also introduced the smart contracts, which were integrated into the platform. This was the development of the second generation of cryptocurrency. ERC-20 tokens can be created on the Ether blockchain, well-known examples of this are: Chainlink, Basic Attention Token and 0x.

On July 30, 2015, Ethereum began its own exchange listing, with 72 million Ethereum already mined. The Ethereum rate that day was about 50 cents.

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum has a high volatility and its value doubled after one month and then halved the following month. Not for someone with a weak heart.

In 2016, the price rose steadily to $ 10 in the spring and stabilized at that point around summer and spring.

Like Bitcoin, 2017 was a fantastic year for Ethereum. By the beginning of spring, the Ethereum rate quickly climbed to $ 50 and at the beginning of summer the $ 250 could be tapped.

The roof went completely off during the bull run of November and December 2017, which was a fantastic time for all cryptocurrency. By the beginning of January 2018, Ethereum climbed to $ 1,200.

Of course, the hangover hit hard for the rest of the year 2018 and the rate dropped to $ 90. If you had boarded at the highest point you would of course be in pain.

Just like Bitcoin, 2019 was a stabilization year (still with many ups and downs) and 2020 has started very well.

Historical Ethereum Prices

The table below shows the historical Ethereum prices in euros for the past week.

How does the Ethereum price come about?

Like any product that is traded between people, there is supply and demand. The buyers and sellers in the market determine the price by bidding against each other. If more people are interested in buying, the price will rise, but if people are eager to sell, the price will fall. For Ethereum that looked good for a very long time and so it has increased by several thousand percent since its creation.

The problem is that the Ethereum price is strongly influenced by the news about cryptocurrency as a whole. The more cryptocurrency is positive in the news, the more demand there is for coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum (or Ether)..

If you know that last year Facebook thought about launching its own cryptocurrency called Libra for a while. And only the largest banks and the American regulator could change Mr. Zuckerberg’s mind, because his introduction to crypto would be too big a change for the financial markets, then you can say that crypto is a future game.

Ethereum price forecast

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we think everyone agrees that more and more people simply pay for everything by card and have less and less cash in their pockets lately. This is good news for cryptocurrency as it goes hand in hand with the development of apps.

What this specifically means for Ethereum’s price is hard to say. Given that the currency is the second most popular crypto and the heights it has reached, it seems that there is still enough growth in the price of Ethereum. Of course this is no guarantee for the future.

Something that can influence the Ethereum price is Ethereum 2.0. It is expected that this will be released in 2020. The 2.0 version, also called Eth2, comes with many new functionalities, such as sharding, Proof of Stake (PoS) and eWASM. The new features will provide more opportunities for ETH and developers. This is expected to be accompanied by an Ethereum hype.

What do you have to take into account with the Ethereum rate?

As with all cryptocurrency, this is not really a product for someone who is used to the prices of old industrial stocks. Cryptocurrency, given its rather small market capitalization compared to traditional stocks or financial markets, always has high peaks and deep lows.

This is mainly because a move by a major player can cause a major price move. Any whale (someone who owns a lot of Ethereum) who decides to sell will cause a major price movement. Any major pension fund or international bank that decides the time is right to invest in crypto will bring about a major change of course. Although in most cases these types of parties trade via OTC markets, the price remains hugely volatile.

In summary, what you can certainly expect are large fluctuations, or high price volatility.

Never put more money into cryptocurrency than you are willing to lose. There are many stories about people who got rich with crypto, but no one ever reads about those people who bought at the highest point in December 2017 and have now lost a large part.

How to Invest in Ethereum?

We have several pages in our knowledge base about this that can show you the way to make a smart and well-considered choice. For example, view this page to find out how you can buy Ethereum from 9 different brokers. There you will find sufficient information about the brokers, such as wallet support, trading costs and the number of other coins that are offered.

You can invest in Ethereum from as little as € 1. Knowing that the currency once started with 50 cents, you never know where you will end up..

Note that every investment involves risk and that everyone must decide for themselves what is safe.

Frequently asked questions about the Ethereum price

How often is the rate updated?

The prices are real-time and are updated instantly. We depend on the data that external suppliers provide us. In theory it is possible that the price is a few (milli) seconds behind.

Show you both the EUR and the USD exchange rate?

Yes, you have the option to view both prices, including other price information. The rate in euros is displayed by default, but you can choose to see the rate in USD.

How far can I look back?

The full history of Ethereum can be seen until it went live in 2015.

What else can I see?

In addition to the current price and the price history, we also show more data. This way you can see the percentage difference of the past 24 hours and the past week and month. You also see the market capitalization in euros, the highest / lowest Ethereum price of the past 24 hours and the volume.

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