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Read all about the Tezos race.

Follow the Tezos exchange rate in euros

Tezos courseIn this handy widget you can view the current Tezos value and the price chart of the last 24 hours.

You also see that there is the possibility to check the Tezos price for the last seven days, the last 30 days and the performance of this crypto coin since the beginning of this year (we call that year to date).

Finally, you can also check out what happened since the very first time Tezos was recorded. To do this, click on everything.

If you can’t wait any longer and want to buy Tezos immediately, you can also do that via the widget. When entering the quantities, all prices are calculated and you immediately see how much trading costs you pay.

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Tezos exchange rate in euros and dollars

In the overview below you see extra information about the Tezos course. The cryptocurrency’s performance for the past week and month is expressed as a percentage. You will also find the current market capitalization as well as the highest and lowest price of the past 24 hours.

Click EUR or USD if you want to switch between a quotation in euros and dollars.

Note: suppose the price differs a few cents from the XTZ rate that you find at the top of the page, this has to do with two different suppliers supplying the data.

The history of the Tezos race

You can read all about why Tezos is a special duck in the bite (a kind of mix between Ethereum and Bitcoin) because it combines different technologies on our page about buying Tezos..

What you should know is that Tezos (XTZ) has become a well-known player in the crypto market in mid-2018. It has a considerable community in the hands of the total market and many people are also willing to invest in this unique project. Also, this coin has quickly entered the top 20 by market capitalization

Tezos (XTZ) started in October 2017 with a listing of around 1.40 euros. This was a perfect moment just before the bull run of late 2017 where the cryptocurrency reached a high of 11.21 euros.

In 2018 there was a cooling of the price (as for almost all other crypto), while 2019 was generally another stabilization year, back to the initial quotation.

At the beginning of 2020 the price rebounded and in the first months of this year the Tezos price already showed very beautiful things. In mid-February, Tezos registered its highest quotation of 2020 at 3.80 Euro.

Historical Tezos prices

The table below shows the XTZ prices of the past week.

How does the Tezos course come about?

Before we get into this, we ask you to note that the Tezos value you see is an average of what all crypto exchanges are currently offering. So don’t be surprised if you continue browsing to an exchange to buy Tezos and the price differs slightly there. This depends on which exchange you visit.

As for the XTZ price itself, it, like the price of any commodity offered in a market, is formed by the balance between buyers and sellers. In other words, between the price the providers want to have and the price the buyers want to offer.

Imagine for a moment that there are a lot of buyers and only a small number of providers, then the price usually goes up like a rocket. However, if there are few buyers and many suppliers, the price will go down.

Now you will have already seen that crypto has been in the news more and more in recent years and can also count on a growing interest from popular culture. Recently, crypto was explained in an episode of the popular series The Simpsons. So it is a market that is going mainstream.

Please note that this is of course no guarantee for the future. The Tezos (XTZ) price can be influenced by many factors. Think of news items, events, hacks and whales.

Tezos price forecast

This depends on various factors such as the general news trend for crypto, developments for the Tezos platform or interest in the XTZ currency of course. Is Tezos in the news and is it positive or rather negative?

Furthermore, the overall trend of the media on crypto is also important. With every news item about crypto that is distributed globally (for example, if Bitcoin breaks a major boundary), the prices of lesser known coins also tend to go higher.

So, in general you can say that the price forecast for Tezos cannot be predicted exactly, but that the overall trend for cryptocurrency is rather positive..

What do you have to take into account with the Tezos course?

Crypto is still a small market compared to traditional financial markets. It is also a speculative share for many. These two factors cause crypto to have high price volatility. This translates into the fact that the price of a cryptocurrency such as Tezos can easily differ by a few percent at the beginning and end of the day, in some cases even a few dozen percent..

When investing in Tezos, you should also take into account the fact that the price can very simply be higher or lower from hour to hour..

If this doesn’t bother you and you like a good adventure now and then, investing in crypto might be something for you.

However, if you prefer classic stocks or currencies that don’t move more than half to one percent per day, so-called defensive financial products, crypto may prove too risky for you..

In summary, we say: research the project that you have in mind and do not just invest your money in a currency without knowing anything about it. Inform yourself well so that you know what you are investing in.

Finally, never put more money in it than you are willing to lose.

The price is shown in real time?

Yes, the prices are real-time and are updated instantly. We depend on the data that external suppliers provide us. In theory it is possible that the price is a few (milli) seconds behind.

Do you show both the euro and the US dollar exchange rate?

Yes, you have the option to view both prices, including other price information. The rate in euros is displayed by default, but you can choose to see the rate in USD.

How far can I look back?

The full history of XTZ can be seen up to 2017.

What else can I see?

In addition to the current price and the price history, we also show more data. This way you can see the percentage difference of the past 24 hours and the past week and month. You also see the market capitalization in euros, the highest / lowest Tezos price of the past 24 hours and the volume.

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