Buy OmiseGO (OMG) Where can you safely buy OMG?

Buy OmiseGO (OMG)

Where can you safely buy OMG?

OmiseGO (OMG) is an interesting project that you should definitely consider. This company wants to make it possible for everyone to use financial services. For us it goes without saying that we can use banks, but there are still many places in the world where this is not yet possible. On this page you will learn everything about this project, the team and the plans, so that you have enough information to determine whether or not you should invest in OmiseGO. Buy OmiseGO you do of course only after thorough research.

Where can I buy OmiseGO online?

You can Buy OmiseGO with iDEAL at Dutch brokers such as Bitvavo or Bitcoin Meester. It took a while before brokers included this token in their assortment. OMG is also tradable on various exchanges. View all reliable suppliers below.



TIP: Register with all providers, so that you are not without an account during a member stop!
Buy at Bitvavo OmiseGO with iDEAL

Buy OMG from Bitvavo

Limited Time: $ 1000 FREE Trading

Straight away Buy OmiseGO with iDEAL

Choice of 58+ ​​different crypto coins

Cheapest broker in NL with max. 0.25% fee

Dutch company from Amsterdam, read our Bitvavo review

Easy system for beginners

No additional wallet software required

Buy and sell at Bitqist OmiseGO (OMG)

OMG at Bitqist

Via us temporary 25% discount on all transactions

OmiseGO available via iDEAL

Large assortment, choose from 140+ crypto coins

Suitable for beginners and built-in wallet

100% Dutch organization, view our Bitqist review

Buy and sell at OmiseGO (OMG)

OMG buy from Coinmerce OmiseGO (OMG) app available for iOS and Android

Straight away Buy OmiseGO via the mobile app including iDEAL

iOS (Apple), Android and Web App

Large assortment, choose from 140+ crypto coins

All in one app, with OMG wallet, payment requests and chat function

100% Dutch organization, 24/7 support, view our Coinmerce review

Buy with iDEAL OmiseGO (OMG) at Bitcoin Meester

OMG at Bitcoin Meester

Save for a 1.75% discount

Straight away Buy OmiseGO with iDEAL

Large assortment, choice of 190+ crypto coins

Built-in OMG wallet, no external software required

Easy system for beginner traders

100% Dutch organization

Buy at Litebit OmiseGO with iDEAL or Bancontact

Buy OMG from Litebit

Straight away Buy OmiseGO with iDEAL and Bancontact

Choice of 50+ different crypto coins

Dutch broker, read our Litebit review

Easy to understand for beginners

Additional wallet software required, view all OMG wallets

Buy OmiseGO (OMG) from the Binance Exchange

Buy OMG from Binance

Indirectly Buy OmiseGO with iDEAL, check out our instruction manual

Choose from hundreds of different crypto coins

Popular international exchange, check out our Binance review

Very low fee (0.05%), so buy at the market price

Buy OmiseGO at Anycoin Direct

Visit Anycoin Direct

Buy OmiseGO from a Dutch organization

Offer of 20 different coins

Easy payment with iDEAL and Bancontact, among others

Plenty of support and tutorials, check out our Anycoin Direct review

Own OmiseGO wallet necessary

OmiseGO traded on the Huobi Exchange

OMG traded with Huobi

Indirectly Buy OmiseGO with iDEAL

Choose from hundreds of different crypto coins

Popular international exchange and active since 2013

Trading at a very low fee (almost market price)

Trade OmiseGO on the KuCoin Exchange

OMG traded with KuCoin

Buy OmiseGO indirectly with iDEAL or Bancontact

Choose from hundreds of different crypto coins

Popular international exchange, check out our KuCoin review

Receive 50% commission daily with KuCoin Shares

You can decide for yourself which provider you choose and which suits you best. We only show well-known organizations that perform many transactions every day. View our reviews of various brokers and exchanges to learn more about the above companies. Always research the companies in which you invest your money yourself and don’t invest more money than you can afford to lose.

If you are unable to figure it out completely or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get one leave a comment. We try to answer your question as quickly as possible. Of course it is also possible to contact us by email.

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Where can I buy OmiseGO online?

How to buy OMG from Binance? Step by step guide

What is OmiseGO?

The OmiseGO network

The team

The History of OmiseGO

Use in practice

OmiseGO wallet

OmiseGO (OMG) Logo


Name: OmiseGO

Symbol: OMG

Type: ERC20 Token

Number: 140,245,398 OMG

Buy OmiseGO from Binance Exchange

Buy OmiseGO from

How to buy OMG from Binance? Step by step guide

Binance is an exchange where you can trade hundreds of different coins and tokens, including the OMG token. The advantage is that the offer is much larger than a broker and that you pay a very low fee per trade (0.05%). An exchange works differently than a broker and as the name says it is more of a currency exchange. You exchange your Ethereum or Bitcoin for OMG tokens, as it were. If you are new to this, you can follow our global roadmap below to get you started. If you already have some experience with cryptocurrency, that will be enough. If you want to know everything about Binance, check out the How Binance manual.

  1. Create an account on the official website
  2. Log in and go to Funds in the top right corner and click on Deposits
  3. Transfer Bitcoin or Ethereum to your Binance wallet
  4. In the top left of the Binance portal, go to Exchange and then click on Basic
  5. Search on OMG in the search field on the right. If you have transferred Ethereum, first click on ETH in yellow.
  6. At the bottom of the page you will see Buy OMGBuy or sell at Binance OMG
  7. Click on Market to select the current market price and enter at Amount how much OmiseGO you want to buy
  8. Click on Buy OMG to complete your purchase
  9. Check out the full guide here: How Binance Works?

After purchase, the OmiseGO tokens are automatically added to your Binance wallet.

What is OmiseGO?

OmiseGO (OMG) LogoOmiseGO is an open-source payment platform on which you can trade with many different currency pairs. The platform is an open-source blockchain based on Ethereum. OmiseGO’s slogan is “Unbank the Banked” and their goal is to provide better financial services for everyone, including people using traditional banking services as well as people in developing countries and places lacking traditional banking infrastructure. A great goal! OmiseGo is currently active in Thailand, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia, but there are big plans to expand the network more and more. The ERC20 token called OMG has one of the highest values ​​of all Ethereum projects, and was the first Ethereum project to exceed a market share of $ 1 billion. The project is supported by Ethereum co-founders Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood, and was designed by Lightning Network and Plasma creator Joseph Poon. More on that later.

The OmiseGO network

The OmiseGO blockchain is a fully decentralized and scalable network. For that reason, the OmiseGo blockchain encourages you to win more tokens that you get for securing the network. The network offers fast transaction times, payout options and low rates. These are all aspects that should appeal to people who often use financial services. An important fact is that when the network goes online, OmiseGO itself is not the owner, but they will use the network for their own payment services. So the system is actually completely decentralized. This has many advantages over a regular bank as we know it. The costs will be a lot lower, because no expensive office buildings and employees will have to be paid. In addition, this can be implemented anywhere in the world as long as internet is available, even if no banking infrastructure is present.

The team

The team consists, in addition to many developers, of managers and consultants. What is striking here is that the founders of Ethereum are on the team of advisors. These are real experts, so you can rest assured that OmiseGO is in good hands. Among the advisers you will also find many professors and doctors, all of them very highly educated people. For that reason, OmiseGo has often been mentioned in the media as a platform to be taken into account.

The OmiseGO team

The History of OmiseGO

OmiseGO is a startup of Jun Hasegawa and Donnie Harinsut, the founders of the already operating company Omise, which was founded in 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. OmiseGO’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) (a type of crowdfunding campaign) in 2017 raised more than $ 25 million, and has since grown into one of the most successful ERC20 cryptocurrency token in the world, valued at more than $ 1 billion (this valuation fluctuates due to volatility). The company has garnered a lot of support since its inception. The National Bank of Thailand and the Minister of Finance, among others, both support the project. For example, Omise was awarded the prize for best Digital Company in 2017!

Use in practice

Basically OmiseGO is a kind of bank. However, they themselves will have nothing to do with your payments, given the fact that the network is not theirs. So you make a payment, and the recipient receives it. It’s that simple. This removes many risks compared to traditional bank payments. In terms of security, OmiseGo works the same as other blockchain techniques. All over the world, people will put their computers to work to keep the network decentralized in order to secure the network. In return, they receive tokens, which are money in turn.

The idea behind OmiseGo is to offer a payment service that shops or companies can design according to your taste. This payment service will be many times cheaper than a bank as no bank or office is needed at all to make the payment. This all happens on the blockchain. OmiseGo therefore has enormous potential to become very big, and the media sees that too. Just look at the fact that OmiseGo only operates in Asia. Just imagine what happens when they expand to Europe and the US!

OmiseGO Wallet

OmiseGo offers wallets that you can fully customize. This is ideal for companies looking to put their own spin on the look of the application. Of course the wallets are available on Android, iPhone and all known operating systems. When you make a payment, it is paid immediately, so you no longer have to wait for a confirmation. You can also top up directly within the wallet and create a virtual credit card.

Hardware Wallet

The OmiseGO token is an ERC20 token and is therefore supported by Ledger.

This is the safest method of storing your cryptocurrencies. You can order the Nano Ledger S via the official website. We recommend that you never purchase your Ledger through a reseller or through a marketplace (Ebay, Marktplaats, Amazon, etc.).

Desktop wallet

Download the multi-currency wallet Exodus for Windows, Mac and Linux at

Online wallet

OMG can be stored online in a MyEtherWallet.

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