Buy Substratum (SUB) Where can you safely buy Substratum?

Buy Substratum (SUB)

Where can you safely buy Substratum?

Substratum as a project in the crypto market has recently shot up very fast. Apparently people see it as a really good project, and let’s tell you, it is. Substratum focuses on the internet, which is of course a big part of our daily life. Maybe you are also thinking about buying Substratum. By means of this page we want to show what kind of project it is now and what you can do with it, so at least you know what you are investing in. This way you can check for yourself whether Buy substrate is sensible.

Where can I buy Substratum online?

Buy a substrate with iDEAL can be done at a number of different Dutch brokers. In addition, it is also possible to trade the SUB token with international exchanges. View all reliable suppliers below.



TIP: Register with all providers, so that you are not without an account during a member stop!
Buy at Bitvavo Substratum with iDEAL

Buy SUB from Bitvavo

Limited Time: $ 1000 FREE Trading

Straight away Buy a substrate with iDEAL

Choice of 58+ ​​different crypto coins

Cheapest broker in NL with max. 0.25% fee

Dutch company from Amsterdam, read our Bitvavo review

Easy system for beginners

No additional wallet software required

Buy with iDEAL Substratum (SUB) from Bitcoin Meester

Buy SUB from Bitcoin Meester

Save for a 1.75% discount

Straight away Buy a substrate with iDEAL

Large assortment, choice of 190+ crypto coins

Built-in SUB wallet, no external software required

Easy system for beginner traders

100% Dutch organization, check out our Bitcoin Master review

Buy and sell at Substratum (SUB)

Buy SUB at Coinmerce Substratum (SUB) app available for iOS and Android

Straight away Buy substrate via the mobile app including iDEAL

iOS (Apple), Android and Web App

Large assortment, choose from 140+ crypto coins

Everything in one app, with SUB wallet, payment requests and chat function

100% Dutch organization, 24/7 support, view our Coinmerce review

Substratum traded on the Binance Exchange

SUB traded with Binance

Indirectly Buy a substrate with iDEAL, see How does Binance work? instruction manual

Choose from hundreds of different crypto coins

Popular international exchange, check out our Binance review

Very low fee (0.05%), so buy at the market price

Trade with the KuCoin Exchange Substratum

SUB traded with KuCoin

Buy indirect Substratum with iDEAL or Bancontact

Choose from hundreds of different crypto coins

Popular international exchange, check out our KuCoin review

Receive 50% commission daily with KuCoin Shares

We only show well-known companies within the cryptocurrency world on These companies process thousands of transactions every day and are used by thousands of users. Check out our reviews of different brokers and exchanges for more information and to see which companies are best for you. Never invest more money than you can afford in cryptocurrency. It remains a risky investment, where the value can rise or fall.

If other brokers or exchanges support the SUB token, we will update the overview so that you always have a complete list of providers. The advantage of a broker is that you can easily pay with modern payment methods, the system is very user-friendly and that you receive Dutch support. The advantage of an exchange is that in most cases you pay less fee.

If you are unable to figure it out completely or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get one leave a comment. We try to answer your question as quickly as possible. Of course it is also possible to contact us by email.

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Where can I buy Substratum online?

What is Substratum?

The Substratum team and history

Use in practice

Substratum wallet

Substratum (SUB) Logo


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Buy a substrate (SUB) with iDEAL at Bitvavo

Buy substrate from Bitvavo

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What is Substratum?

Substratum (SUB) LogoThe goal for Substratum is mainly to ensure that the internet is completely decentralized. This means that there is no longer an intermediary party that controls everything. In Europe this is not really a problem yet, but in China, for example, the internet is very censored. You cannot visit websites such as Twitter and YouTube directly there. This is therefore not the only country where the users of the internet suffer from too much government intervention. In America, too, there has been a discussion about internet freedom since December because the government, under the authority of Donald Trump, has decided to reject the Net Neutrality Act. This law was created to ensure that all web content would be treated equally. Without this law, the government can block specific content or charge money for it. Substratum ensures that we will soon be able to view the web pages we want and that the government or other agencies have no power over this. It really just means that they stand for an internet without censorship or abuse of power.

But who is actually the cause of the problem of the freedom of the internet? The problem currently lies with the internet hosts. These are generally huge companies, such as Amazon Web Hosting, that allow websites to be visited via the World Wide Web. These companies are often sole rulers and this is therefore completely centrally regulated, there is a serious abuse of the power of the companies. If the government decides to shut down a website, they can easily do so by fining the web hosting services if they show certain websites. The companies do not want this and will obey. This has happened in China in the cases of Google and Facebook. This is incredibly sensitive to abuse, so the government can censor whatever it wants. Despite the fact that there is not much threat for Europe yet, signs are already emerging in America that show that we must be careful that we will soon lose our internet freedom. Fortunately, there is still the blockchain, and there are projects like Substratum that want to protect this freedom.

Own decentralized hosting

Substratum Node Application (Overview)Substratum’s solution is incredibly simple. In addition, it is also possible by applying blockchain technology. Instead of using central hosting servers, the servers that are now used to get your website on the worldwide web, Substratum allows you to use a network of private nodes. The result is exactly the same, except that there will be no abuse. This way, users can simply search the internet through a decentralized open-source platform. Moreover, you can earn money with this by running a node on your computer and thus being used as a host for the SUB project.

The SUB team and history

Because it is still a fairly young project, the team is also on the young side. It consists mainly of young techies who do not want their internet use to be restricted by the government. Censorship is of course very bad for a society, we don’t really need to explain this. So they wanted a solution to the abuse of the government. The idea allows everyone to simply use the internet without any form of censorship taking place. They want to get this up and running as soon as possible, before the internet is also censored and restricted in Europe.

Use in practice

Substratum Performance Settings - Decide how much you shareIf the project goes completely according to plan, there are two roles you can fulfill in the project. So you can be a user, this is most people. This is just someone who is on the internet, only on the web without censorship. You just need to connect to the network. You are always linked to a so-called node, so the signal will never drop out. But you can also use the project as a host. You only need a computer with internet for this. So you can earn SUB while doing nothing, as it were. You have to download a file, but setting it up is really done in no time. This way you can simply set when you want to make your computer available to serve as a host. Substratum can therefore play an enormous role in our daily life. Everyone who spends almost all day on the internet, it is important that there is no censorship. By creating a large web where this is no longer possible, we are not subject to too powerful a government. You can do just fine at the moment Buy substrate, the price has become very advantageous due to the recent decline in early 2018.

Substratum Wallet

SUB can be stored in several ways.

Hardware Wallet

SUB is an ERC-20 token and is supported by Ledger.

This is the safest method of storing your cryptocurrencies. You can order the Nano Ledger S via the official website. We recommend that you never purchase your Ledger through a reseller or through a marketplace (Ebay, Marktplaats, Amazon, etc.).

Desktop wallet

There is no official SUB desktop wallet available. 

Online wallet

You can easily store SUB in your Bitvavo or Bitcoin Meester wallet.

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