Buy WAVES Where can you safely buy Waves?


Where can you safely buy Waves?

The Waves Platform is a unique project where currencies can be stored, managed, traded and created in a safe and simple way. It is also referred to as the blockchain for everyone as it provides places for both buyers and sellers. On this page you will learn everything about this platform and its own currency, so enough information to go through before we Buy Waves. Always do good research to find out whether or not you should invest in Waves.

Where can I buy WAVES online?

Waves can easily be purchased from a Dutch broker and can of course also be traded on international exchanges. With a broker you can Buy Waves with iDEAL, and for Belgians it is also possible to pay with Bancontact. View all reliable suppliers below.



TIP: Register with all providers, so that you are not without an account during a member stop!
Buy at Bitvavo Waves with iDeAL

Visit Bitvavo

Limited Time: $ 1000 FREE Trading

Straight away Buy Waves with iDEAL

Choice of 58+ ​​different crypto coins

Cheapest broker in NL with max. 0.25% fee

Dutch company from Amsterdam, read our Bitvavo review

Easy system for beginners

No additional wallet software required

Buy with iDEAL Waves (WAVES) from Bitcoin Meester

WAVES at Bitcoin Meester

Save for a 1.75% discount

Straight away Buy Waves with iDEAL

Large assortment, choice of 190+ crypto coins

Built-in WAVES wallet, no external software required

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Buy Waves at Coinmerce Waves app available for iOS and Android

Straight away Buy Waves via the mobile app including iDEAL

iOS (Apple), Android and Web App

Large assortment, choose from 140+ crypto coins

Everything in one app, with Waves wallet, payment requests and chat function

100% Dutch organization, 24/7 support, view our Coinmerce review

Buy at Litebit Waves with iDEAL or Bancontact

Buy Waves from Litebit

Straight away Buy Waves with iDEAL and Bancontact

Choice of 50+ different crypto coins

Dutch broker, read our Litebit review

Easy to understand for beginners

Own wallet necessary, view all Waves wallets

Buy from Binance Waves

Buy Waves from Binance

Buy Waves indirectly, check the How Binance works guide

Choose from hundreds of different crypto coins

Popular international exchange, check out our Binance review

Cheap! Very low fee (0.05%), so buy at the market price

No external wallet necessary

For experienced users or people who want to trade

You can decide for yourself from which company you buy your cryptocurrency. It is important to do proper research yourself into the company in which you invest your money. For more information about the above companies, you can read our reviews of various brokers and exchanges. Every organization has its own advantages and disadvantages. In general, a broker, such as Litebit and Bitvavo, offers convenience for the novice trader or the non-technical user. It is possible to pay with iDEAL, it is very user-friendly, you do not always need wallet software and they offer Dutch support. The disadvantage is that they are slightly more expensive than international exchanges and charge a fee. This way you pay a little more per coin and sometimes you also pay transaction costs. The fee is variable and can differ at any time of the day. If you don’t have any technical knowledge or if you don’t feel like doing a lot of research, we recommend a broker.

If you plan to buy more coins and want to actively trade, we recommend that you buy your coins on an exchange, such as Binance. This is a bit more complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not too bad. With an exchange you pay a very low fee (0.05% per trade) and buy coins at the market price.

If you are unable to figure it out completely or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get one leave a comment. We try to answer your question as quickly as possible. Of course it is also possible to contact us by email.

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Where can I buy WAVES online?

What is the Waves Platform?

The WAVES network

The team

The History of Waves

Use in practice

Waves wallet

Waves (WAVES) Logo


Name: Waves

Symbol: WAVES

Type: Coin

Quantity: 100,000,000 WAVES

Buy Waves with iDEAL

Buy Waves with iDEAL at Litebit

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What is the Waves Platform?

Waves (WAVES) LogoThe Waves Platform has been developed to provide an ecosystem in which a user can trade not 1, but thousands of different types of coins. In addition, Waves also has its own currency, which is the basis for the entire platform. This means that you no longer need a lot of different wallets to trade currencies. It is also possible to trade with euros and dollars. So you could say that Waves is a special exchange, like there are many for shares, for example. However, Waves uses their own blockchain technology, which means that it is very safe, secure and reliable. Most special about Waves, it is possible to set up your own cryptocurrency! More on that later.

The Waves network

The Waves network is based on the updated Bitcoin-NG algorithm; Waves-NG. The difference between the Bitcoin network and the Waves network is that Waves works with Proof-of-Stake (PoS) instead of the Proof-of-Work (PoW). What that means is a very technical story, but basically it boils down to Waves being able to handle much larger volumes of transactions, in a much shorter time. And that in combination with the security that blockchain technology offers you have a solid network that you can rely on. That is beneficial if you want to become big with your cryptocurrency! You can trade cryptos on the network, so make and receive payments. The currencies in which this is possible will be discussed later. Another possibility within the Waves environment is to rent out mining power. So others can use your computing power from your PC, and in return you will receive a compensation in the form of Waves as interest.

The team

The team, led by founder Sasha Ivanov, consists of 10 people. They are very skilled people, especially from Russia. Most of them are developers, and together with the more business-oriented team members, they ensure that the Waves Platform is constantly being improved. Waves also likes to receive feedback. So they are not a closed organization, but very open! This is beneficial, as we have often seen with other blockchain technologies. You can pass on ideas and feedback via the various social media channels, such as via Reddit or The community is actively listened to!

The Waves team

The History of Waves

Waves was introduced in early 2016 by Sasha Ivanov, who previously founded the Coinomat instant cryptocurrency exchange and was involved with the Nxt cryptocurrency platform. Waves was developed to address some of the barriers to wider blockchain adoption, including speed, scalability and user experience. The development was funded by a crowdsale that raised approximately $ 16 million. At the time, this meant that Waves was the second largest successful crowdfunded blockchain project. The project collected nearly 30,000 Bitcoin.

Waves was officially launched as a decentralized network in November 2016. The launch also included the release of token creation facilities, allowing developers to build their own blockchain-based applications..

Use in practice

Ivanov has stated that he wants Waves to be an open and comprehensive ecosystem, containing all the elements necessary for wider blockchain adoption. The core wallet, also known as the “lite client”, integrates a range of built-in third-party functions.

The Waves platform and wallet

This means that Waves makes it possible to trade Euros, Dollars, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic and many other currencies in addition to Waves. This list is constantly growing, so assume that if your favorite crypto is not listed yet, this will not take long! An amount of 0.001 Wave is charged during each transaction. The Wave currency is therefore the basis for all operations on the network.

Another advantage of Waves is that you can create your own “node”. For 1 Wave you can get your own Node on which you can build your own application. This is ideal for companies that want to implement an application that is adapted to their own activities.

Waves wallet

To use the Waves wallet, you just need to create an account, then fill your wallet with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, US dollars or Euros. You can then trade these currencies for whatever you want. Waves offers a beautiful app for both Android and iOS, and you can expect a beautiful interface for the PC as well. Trading via the wallet is safe, fast and cheap. Ideal!

Hardware Wallet

The Nano Ledger S does not (yet) support Waves and tokens created on the Waves platform.

This is the safest method of storing your cryptocurrencies. You can order the Nano Ledger S via the official website. We recommend that you never purchase your Ledger through a reseller or through a marketplace (Ebay, Marktplaats, Amazon, etc.).

Desktop wallet

Download the Online Client (beta) from the official page for Windows, Linux and Mac at

Online wallet

Use the official online Waves client:

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