Sell ​​Bitcoin?

Sell ​​Bitcoin?

Where can you sell Bitcoin safely and reliably?

Do you think selling Bitcoin is the right time? On this page we will show you where you can best sell Bitcoin for euros and what to take into account. All brokers are active in the Netherlands and Belgium and have built up a very good reputation in recent years.

Sell ​​Bitcoin with the best broker

Where can I sell Bitcoins online?

There are a number of Dutch parties that buy your Bitcoin and pay out the current value in euros. The parties below are reliable and have built up a good reputation on the internet. The Dutch parties are official companies and support iDEAL and Bancontact as a payment method. For Bitcoin sales they support bank transfer (Instant Payments) and sometimes also PayPal.

How to sell Bitcoin infographic

Sell ​​Bitcoin for the best price

Every broker determines his own price for which he wants to buy your Bitcoin. In this overview you can see which brokers live the best Bitcoin selling price offer for your Bitcoin. That way you sell Bitcoin with the best returns in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Sell ​​Bitcoin fast

Sell ​​your Bitcoin quickly with these BTC brokers. Thanks to the automated software solutions, they can immediately sell and pay out your Bitcoin in euros.

Easily sell Bitcoins with an app

Would you rather sell your Bitcoin (BTC) with an app? That is also possible. The providers below offer an app for iOS and Android.

Sell ​​Bitcoin

How does Bitcoin selling work?

  1. Choose a suitable broker
  2. Send your BTC to the broker
  3. Exchange your BTC for credit
  4. Get paid to your account

100% Dutch brokers

Dutch support

Cold wallet storage

Comply with regulations

iDEAL and Bancontact

Bank transfer

Live broker statistics

United Bitcoin companies Netherlands

United Bitcoin companies Netherlands

All brokers shown are affiliated with United Bitcoin companies Netherlands.

How do I choose the right broker for selling Bitcoin for euros?

Many people enjoy selling Bitcoins at the broker where they made their purchase. If you have a good experience with a company, it can indeed be a logical choice to choose the same company again. Our advice is not to do this directly, but to consider other companies first. When selling Bitcoin you are looking for a broker who is not only reliable, but also pays a fair market price for your Bitcoin. We therefore recommend that you first install the Compare Bitcoin sales prices, and choose the broker that pays the most for your Bitcoins. We assume that you already know what Bitcoin is.

In general, you can assume that the brokers shown on this page are official and healthy companies. So all you have to do is compare the current prices.

It does not hurt to do your own research into the company where you want to sell your Bitcoin. After all, it is about money.

What do you have to consider when selling Bitcoin?

If you have made a choice for a broker that pays the most for your BTC then you must initiate the Bitcoin sales process. Each broker uses its own sales process. In general, this process is simple and it goes without saying how it is put into effect. You should consider the following when selling Bitcoin:

  • Carefully copy the broker’s receiving address (check several times)
  • Make sure you can send your BTC quickly, the sale price is usually fixed at a broker for about 15 minutes
  • Take into account extra fee (costs) to send your Bitcoin
  • Make sure the amount matches exactly
  • A Bitcoin payment can only be done by bank transfer
  • Make sure the account number is in the name of the owner of the account
  • Take into account at least 1 working day for a BTC payout

Of course, the sales process also depends on where you currently keep your Bitcoin. We have assumed here a wallet in-house or a hardware wallet.

How do I sell (part of) Bitcoin?

The sales process is set up differently for each broker. If you have saved your BTC with the broker, you can easily sell your BTC via a sell button. In exchange, you will receive the current value in euros. If you have stored your BTC in-house, you have to send it to the broker yourself. You are responsible for sending it to the broker. If you make mistakes, generally nothing will be reimbursed and you will lose everything.

You can easily start the sales process with a broker of your choice. After you have indicated how much BTC you want to sell for euros, you will receive a receiving address. Send your BTC to the receiving address and wait for confirmation from the broker. Usually you will receive a confirmation of your transaction within 30 minutes. The amount will be deposited into the specified account number within 1 working day.

When to Sell Bitcoin for Euros?

When to sell Bitcoin?Selling your Bitcoin depends on the right timing and your strategy. Set goals in advance when purchasing Bitcoin, and try to sell when those goals are met. Set strict rules for yourself and try not to deviate from them. As long as you have not sold anything, you only have a win (or a loss) on paper. Only after selling your crypto have you actually made a profit. We have schematically shown the best BTC sales moment in the image.

Frequently Asked Bitcoin Selling Questions

Where can I sell Bitcoin?

On our website we show various Bitcoin points of sale so that you can make the right choice yourself. So we have one live overview comparing sales prices so you can see which BTC broker offers the best prices at the moment. We also have an overview of the fastest brokers and brokers who offer an app.

How do I get paid in euros?

Payment in euros takes place by means of an IBAN bank transfer. This usually does not take longer than 1 working day. In some cases, a payout in PayPal is also possible.

What costs do I have to take into account?

Every broker charges a trading fee (kind of service fee). This means that they keep a percentage for themselves for the service they provide. These costs can be as much as 5%. With our live comparison you can easily see which broker is the cheapest at the moment.

How long does a Bitcoin sale take?

Selling Bitcoin is usually arranged within half an hour. This depends on how long it takes until your transaction is sent over the blockchain. After a few confirmations, the transaction is approved by the broker and you have access to your credit. You can then have this paid out to your account.

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